The election of a new President shouldn’t be divisive nor does it normally throw the whole world into a state of panic. There is something terrible going on. Comments from friends on Facebook have me convinced that if we aren’t exactly going to Hell in a hand basket there must be something hallucinogenic in the water at the very least.

From his position as President Elect Donald Trump must be wondering why everyone except the party faithful is against him. Perhaps he thought of all those blockbuster movies in which deep voiced heroes say “Mr President” and he is offered universal love and acclaim – except for a few terrorists who always come to a sticky end. Not so, he is compared to the worst dictator of all time, a position not corrected by his appointment of a white supremacist to his cabinet.

Meanwhile the world inside and outside the USA is divided it seems into two camps who will never be reconciled. Those two camps being those who fear the democratic process itself must have been undermined and those who believe the entire world except Breitbart and Wikileaks (ironically enough) is on the side of communism. I find myself increasingly confused at this attitude. Sensible older people who I had previously regarded as rational are screaming conspiracy at every turn. Hillary Clinton, an experienced politician and public servant who is loved and highly respected on this side of the pond, is continually berated as a criminal at best and a satanist at worst.

The language of the pro-Trump lobby gets more and more hysterical by the day, there is a lot of foul language from people wrapping themselves up in the flag or, even more more bizarrely, the altar cloth. This is puzzling to British Christians I know who don’t think Trump is that nice a guy and that somehow this ruthless businessman, perhaps by virtue of his appearance on reality television and the popularity of the billionaire romance genre, has become almost a martyr in their eyes. Shrieks of “lock her up” grow again by the day as Jill Stein tries to unravel the mess created by rumour and an apparently lax electoral system. Anything about Trump that is not good is denounced as communist propaganda when, bizarrely, the communists helped him get elected. He is almost holy in his supporters’ eyes and can do no wrong it seems.

Personally I find this all very confusing and ultimately frightening. I like Americans, I have many American friends of all political persuasions, I have always thought of it as the country of the free but now it seems some of them want the clock turned back – and turned back all the way past Franklin D. Roosevelt I fear. What are we to do as the deluded children of Europe who can’t forget the lessons of the past? The only answer is to wait and see. If the recounts do show electoral fraud, the Trumpers and Trumpettes will never accept that is actually true. If on the other hand they don’t it should give him legitimacy as President but I don’t see the Republicans tolerating him for long unless he reins it in and starts to play by the rules.

There is one thing certain, we simply can’t go back to the 1930s. The jobs in industries that are not environmentally friendly either no longer exist or will poison the world for generations to come, perhaps cause our extinction. As one elected popularist found in the 1930s, millions of new jobs can be created – but only in the army… All I can do is pray that the desire for peace wins in the end and, if it doesn’t , just “Duck and Cover”.


Who are the silent majority? The clue is that they are not all vocal and they are not all voters. They do not campaign or even vote for any particular candidate although some of them do protest the outcome of elections. I have to declare an interest in this as I have been a parliamentary candidate in the past and attempts to win the silent non-voting majority are often met with wails of:

“Politicians are all the same.”
“You’re all in it for yourselves.”
“It doesn’t matter who gets in, nobody cares about us.”

All of these moans are actually self fulfilling prophecies of course. If those who do not vote will not vote, how can they change a thing? Those who win elections usually jump on the running board of the most politically aware, financially able and electoral favourite political party. They are often, but not always, carpet baggers. Who will win? Let’s join that group. Do I believe in their policies? No, but once in I can tweak them a bit. (The one thing that they all share is, however much flak they might get from non-voters, they have earned the right to complain when things go wrong).

So, what we usually end up with at election time is a kind of charade where potential candidates try to hitch a ride on the nearest swimming shark, those who have most to lose attach themselves to the alpha male, and yes, silent non-voting majority, you’re right, nobody cares about you because you fail to exercise the most basic democratic right that your ancestors shed blood to win for you. So if for you politics appears to be some sort of game show played out on enormously expensive sets by rich people ask yourselves who is to blame. Is it the system, or the people who fail to use it?

Well, this is just one of those little vents having read more nasty stuff about Susan Boyle than I care to over the past few days.
Firstly, I can’t understand why people are being so mean about her. It’s the mean things (mostly) young people say that will have impacted on her and caused this breakdown.
All this is so unnecessary and cruel – and dare I say un-English? There was a time our sense of fair play would not have allowed this. How have we become such a society of jealous bullies?
What we see constantly is the dark side of democratising communication and “news” on the internet. For instance, on Twitter there is a constant barage of nasty – no, sorry, extremely hateful – “jokes” about her appearance and “I f****** hate her”s Why? What harm has she done to them – to you – to anyone in fact? The really scary thing is that we have a generation or two of young people who think hating someone because they are different, older and have eyebrows is OK. Come back Adolf all is forgiven and you will get a big welcome here in the UK!
Secondly, I think there is much more to this than meets the eye. She threatened the monopoly of the charts by the young, rich, connected and beautiful who – like wolves – are fearful and intolerant of weaknesses and differences. “Stars” like Lily Allen rallied their fans to protect themselves from incursion on their territory.
Thirdly, I am seriously waiting for the “Blue Peter” style revelations about the voting…. Then the proverbial will REALLY hit the fan!