When I was little, my Dad signed up to the World Record Club. Remember it? You could choose a couple of LPs a month or get the recommended one? Well, he built up quite a collection of wonderful recordings of classical music from the greatest composers, and Mum meanwhile introduced us to Mulligan, Coltrane and Parker…

This was quite sophisticated stuff for a seven year old to be absorbing, but one of my favourites became Vaughan Williams – via a recording of the Tallis Fantasia – wasn’t that on A Child’s Christmas In Wales? Anyway it led me on to exploring more Vaughan Williams, and this page was the result Vaughan William’s songs became a dissertation, then a book…. I have even sold a couple, thanks to the wonders of the internet! OK – time to fix the car. 🙂


Squidoo: Vaughan Williams Songs
I am currently in the final stages of publishing a book about the songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams. The book "On Wenlock Edge 100 Years On" is the result of a lifetime love of Vaughan Williams’ music, particularly the songs, and my own personal celebration of the up-coming 100th anniversary of the first performance of On Wenlock Edge. This work when written was both radical and adventurous and still sounds glorious to those who love the art of classical song. …
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The Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams
My new lens…. more to come. I hope you will go and see! 🙂 Regards, Lisa
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