I had a wonderful time with this page, just checking out the videos from contenders for The World’s Fastest Guitar Player I have to say I got more than a little distracted going through the Shawn Lane videos – you could learn a LOT from this guy….

Meanwhile, if cute pig pictures are more your style, you might enjoy Tadpole’s Cute Cartoon Pigs some of these are quite bizarre -others are just very sweet!

I really have a lot of work cut out with updating pages and also writing an individual bio for each. I made a start this evening with A Song For St Francis I hope more people are going to find this page, because I would like them to hear the song.


My blog has not amused me much for a long time. In fact it is a rather lonely little blog these days… I have always looked at myself as a websiter rather than a blogger, but perhaps I should make sure I get here more often? So today I have been working on my squidoo lenses amongst other things. The Fastest Guitarist In The World has been fascinating me, as has
Dracula. Not to mention Charlie Chaplin and Leonard Cohen.

Hope to get onto St Francis tomorrow, I found myself inspired by a littlegarden frog waking from hibernation today – in the meantime, in future, I have to remember to turn on the correct oven for vegetarian haggis….

You make a post about the symptoms of diabetes and 46 comments come in offering you porn. All I can say is that this is a very strange world! If any spam is going on this site, it is going to be mine and mine alone. So, here is some G rated spam I generated myself! You might even find it interesting!
Have a great weekend! 🙂

http://www.squidoo.com/katzenkokroches about archy and mehitabel

about urban art and recycling

about using Sibelius software to compose

about Chopin – unusual performances of his music

about diabetes, not nudity!

about on line book publishing

containing links to free guitar music

about Bryan Adams

about Charlie Chaplin

about eyebrows….

about Vaughan Williams’ songs

about Jack Sheffield’s book

about Whitby, birthplace of Dracula

about a band project for massed guitars and other instruments

about Grey Owl – Archie Belaney – the Indian from Hastings

about Robin Hood’s Bay