You make a post about the symptoms of diabetes and 46 comments come in offering you porn. All I can say is that this is a very strange world! If any spam is going on this site, it is going to be mine and mine alone. So, here is some G rated spam I generated myself! You might even find it interesting!
Have a great weekend! 🙂 about archy and mehitabel
about urban art and recycling
about using Sibelius software to compose
about Chopin – unusual performances of his music
about diabetes, not nudity!
about on line book publishing
containing links to free guitar music
about Bryan Adams
about Charlie Chaplin
about eyebrows….
about Vaughan Williams’ songs
about Jack Sheffield’s book
about Whitby, birthplace of Dracula
about a band project for massed guitars and other instruments
about Grey Owl – Archie Belaney – the Indian from Hastings
about Robin Hood’s Bay


Well, this is just one of those little vents having read more nasty stuff about Susan Boyle than I care to over the past few days.
Firstly, I can’t understand why people are being so mean about her. It’s the mean things (mostly) young people say that will have impacted on her and caused this breakdown.
All this is so unnecessary and cruel – and dare I say un-English? There was a time our sense of fair play would not have allowed this. How have we become such a society of jealous bullies?
What we see constantly is the dark side of democratising communication and “news” on the internet. For instance, on Twitter there is a constant barage of nasty – no, sorry, extremely hateful – “jokes” about her appearance and “I f****** hate her”s Why? What harm has she done to them – to you – to anyone in fact? The really scary thing is that we have a generation or two of young people who think hating someone because they are different, older and have eyebrows is OK. Come back Adolf all is forgiven and you will get a big welcome here in the UK!
Secondly, I think there is much more to this than meets the eye. She threatened the monopoly of the charts by the young, rich, connected and beautiful who – like wolves – are fearful and intolerant of weaknesses and differences. “Stars” like Lily Allen rallied their fans to protect themselves from incursion on their territory.
Thirdly, I am seriously waiting for the “Blue Peter” style revelations about the voting…. Then the proverbial will REALLY hit the fan!