Persimew is the name I use for youtube videos. It comes from Persian cats (which friends and I call Persimews). I enjoy making (very) amateur videos with the music I compose and arrange using the Sibelius music programme and with photos I take, poems I write and illustrations from my friend Colin. This is how I got into computer music:

I have an honest to good job as a guitar tutor, which is great because I have played the guitar for 43 years! (Boy, does that hurt the fingers Maybe I should have a tea break or something soon…. ROFTL.)

Aaaah so THAT’S how I get to see everything I type. I maximise the box… How cool is that? I have several websites and a few lenses. I also belong to the usual social networks, you can follow me on Twitter if you like! (I am Persimew there too!!!)

My current aim in life is to survive the next month with house movings and job interviews in addition to all else. My life is very rich, although sadly today I am not. I am rich in the spiritual things though, or so I am told. One day when I grow up I want to be a proper professional composer but I have always been too cowardly to starve in a carrot so I write my stuff in the hols and the wee small hours when sleep abandons me!

I guess that is all I want to say for now.


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