Who are the silent majority? The clue is that they are not all vocal and they are not all voters. They do not campaign or even vote for any particular candidate although some of them do protest the outcome of elections. I have to declare an interest in this as I have been a parliamentary candidate in the past and attempts to win the silent non-voting majority are often met with wails of:

“Politicians are all the same.”
“You’re all in it for yourselves.”
“It doesn’t matter who gets in, nobody cares about us.”

All of these moans are actually self fulfilling prophecies of course. If those who do not vote will not vote, how can they change a thing? Those who win elections usually jump on the running board of the most politically aware, financially able and electoral favourite political party. They are often, but not always, carpet baggers. Who will win? Let’s join that group. Do I believe in their policies? No, but once in I can tweak them a bit. (The one thing that they all share is, however much flak they might get from non-voters, they have earned the right to complain when things go wrong).

So, what we usually end up with at election time is a kind of charade where potential candidates try to hitch a ride on the nearest swimming shark, those who have most to lose attach themselves to the alpha male, and yes, silent non-voting majority, you’re right, nobody cares about you because you fail to exercise the most basic democratic right that your ancestors shed blood to win for you. So if for you politics appears to be some sort of game show played out on enormously expensive sets by rich people ask yourselves who is to blame. Is it the system, or the people who fail to use it?