Today’s post is the first for a long while and may be the longest thing I have written in weeks. At the moment I am listening to my new rescue Persian Babooshka chirping at the birds in our sunny garden. Her former mum is a victim of terminal cancer and she, barely more than a kitten, was busted out of kitty jail only two weeks ago. Already, in true tortie fashion, she is asserting her rights as a would be Head Cat.

Meanwhile here I am, grateful that I can see and appreciate the beauty all around me. It is now seven days since my eye operation and it is still a little sore but the clarity of this new world is amazing. For the first time in my life my distance vision is near perfect. I will need reading glasses for reading and writing, this I know, and the glare from computers and the TV is troubling – but what an advance from where I was last week.

I will not dwell on the unfairness of cataracts at a younger age than normal because if all goes well with this – and with my second operation – I am being given the chance of near perfect vision to enjoy the world while I still have the desire and strength to experience it too. Who knows why I have them anyway? I have always suffered from sensitivity to light so they may be due to a surfeit of sunlight as a child in the tropics or more likely they are an inheritance from my father whose genes I seem to have manifested so far in health matters as in much more. Whatever the cause, the slow, frightening and inevitable dimming of sight has been dramatically reversed and the world I see is staggering in its beauty.

Equally staggering is the list of messages in my Goodreads inbox. I have been so out of touch since my mother’s passing in September and in fact caring for her had put things like doctor, dentist and optician well onto the back burner. I was overdue a little “Me Time” after the funeral, the flat and the paperwork had been sorted. Today was the first time I had attempted to read anything on my Kindle and I managed four chapters before soreness set in. I have some off-the-shelf readers I bought yesterday but my guess is that I will need to ask about computer spectacles after the second eye has healed. In the meantime I will take it one day at a time, enjoy the walking even though I must still wear an eyeshield when out and slowly get back to doing the things I love; the musical arranging, composing, the half finished second novel and adding a tribute to my mother to a second edition of The Tenderness of Mountains. All in good time, of course, meanwhile I have cats to feed, fresh air to breathe and today (now I have reading glasses) there are books to read and review, thank God.