Aimlessly Planting Daffodils

October finds you in its chilly kingdom
Holding court in smoke filled club room;
Antique, cosy friends around
Are hanging on each tory word.
They love to put the universe to rights!
Their targets? Idle, fallen girls
Who breed for homes and youths who lounge for benefits!
What use are pretty babies anyway?
You flip the ash from brown cheroot and holder,
Like a rising claw, salutes an extant power and dignity
As, sipping sherry, bygone Queen lifts tulip bowl.

But, trug in hand and wide brimmed hat,
An Autumn Sunday mist reveals you by the road.
The chosen spot at last!
You penetrate the barren council earth
With sharp edged trowel and plant each bulb
Leaving the idle fallen verge in shame –
Now violated, pregnant and alone.
Its destiny forlorn to bloom each spring
Lifting the hearts of random strangers passing by;
Your tribute to the fallen and the beautiful…
Aimlessly planting daffodils – those feckless flowers-
They breed to fill each waiting hole!

© Lisa Gabriel, March 2014