poems about the sea

The dedication for A Child at the Sea reads “For Gilly on her birthday at Garwick…” Now Gilly was a good friend of mine, a poet herself, and I met her on the Care2 network in 2004 or 2005. Gilly was older than I, but very much in touch with her inner child and that inspired me to write the following poem, A Child at the Sea. It details my own childhood experiences of living near the sea on the South coast of England and was meant to create a magical picture that I hoped Gilly would enjoy. She, at the time, was visiting a mutual friend on the Isle on Man and was enjoying her own childhood memories of Garwick.

My poem was not written for a child except for my own inner child who, to her utmost disgrace, refuses to stop playing.

A Child at the Sea

Somewhere a clock chimes three…
A seagull’s cry,
Like plaintive ghost,
Pierces a slow dawning sky,
And here I lie…
A child suspended,
Caught in that magic hour ‘twixt night and day.
Nor wake, nor sleep,
But race the innocent dreams of freedom…
And in my mind,
So old in one so young,
Down to the pebble beach I fly…
The scent of the breeze,
Fragrance of shellfish, tar, and the salt sea,
Plays havoc with my senses.
The boats lie idle,
Captains roll the deep sleep of sated pleasure,
Dreaming of rum, and ale,
And Siren songs of the night before…
A symphony of shingle;
Waves pulling,
And the rush and roar
Of tide on stone,
Soft water – tunnelling ancient rock –
Moulds, shapes and plays;
Itself a child on some forgotten shore…
As lone crabs stalk,
Anemones flower…
What child of time
Could ever wish for more?

10th May 2005