This is a poem from my collection In Remembrance of Future Present: A Journey through the Art and Heart of Lisa Gabriel, recently released again and in a Goodreads Giveaway. (Details at the end) It was written at a dark time in my life, but is about rising above that through positive thought. I do find these days that so many people have paid lip service to the concept of positivity that it has lost some of its credibility. Being negative about others whilst apparently embracing “positivity” as a set of values is neither positive nor constructive. For me, positivity is a very personal thing, at the time of writing this poem and others it probably made the difference between life and death – it certainly made the difference between sanity and insanity when depression was a very real and close companion.

So, eat, drink and be merry – but above all SING because the singing soul has no room for dark thoughts to multiply. That IS positivity!

In A Quiet Time

I will not write darkly
In this quiet space where time and tide
Seem at standstill…
For me, the Present is a race
To fill the Parting Glass
Before I taste Eternity –
But in this cold time
I live to dream –
Think kindly of me.

I will not write darkly
Of empty, silent days without Truth
For Darkness chains me down…
I would be free!
Pure Love seeks only Light!
I ask no more than this –
The future will be bright
And we will know
No more of pain.

(c) Lisa Marie Gabriel 12th June 2005

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