In Remembrance Of Future Present

On the sacred touch
Of a Summer breeze,
To a heart in Winter slumber,
Flows such warm fragrance…
Sweet Life renewed
In tender caress –
And in this Wave of Love
I gladly swim…

I sing

Through the Heart of darkness;
In the Stream
Of a thousand lives –
The deep mystery of Renewal.
Faith is my rock
And Love?
Passion no longer
My hiding place –
But joy –
This fountain of Light
And Summer laughter…

And shall I taste Of the Promise

Of things to come?
In this space of simply being?
The touch of an Angel’s wing
Unknown to me –
Unknowing –
Folds my soul
In such a fond embrace
And in soft kiss

Just Who I am…

Just one of the poems from my collection of the same name which is now available on Amazon and will soon be available elsewhere. There is a Goodreads Giveaway running for this book at the moment

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In Remembrance of Future Present by Lisa Marie Gabriel

In Remembrance of Future Present

by Lisa Marie Gabriel

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