How could I miss it? When I first started posting my compositions on the Sibelius website (now known as Score Exchange) one of the dangerous highlights was to venture onto the forum there to encounter the positive sunbeams, listless lurkers and terrifying trolls of the self-pubbing music world. Things move on, the site was updated, changed ownership and the forum disbanded – not that it ever did much for publicising our work to those who buy rather than produce musical compositions and arrangements. Off we set into the dangerous wilderness of Twitter or into our own composer forums….

Now I have been writing for years. My first love is poetry of course and as a musician and teacher it seemed I had little time for the more challenging written forms but since giving up work to become a carer I have had a second chance at the writing and produced my own novel, The Cougar, which is available on Amazon now worldwide. Wow! That in itself is amazing. The internet is so very powerful and liberating to creative artists, writers and musicians!

The Cougar on Kindle (Amazon UK)

And in paperback…

Finding Goodreads is another step on the journey. Here a writer can meet up with other writers and readers, sharing the books that they love, reviewing and being presented with an opportunity to connect with new friends as well as possible readers. I have got myself into the spirit with a Giveaway of the new release of my poetry book, In Remembrance of Future Present. I have a sneaking fondness for this little bit of juvenile madness – some of the poems I even like. (Any poet will understand that!)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

In Remembrance of Future Present by Lisa Marie Gabriel

In Remembrance of Future Present

by Lisa Marie Gabriel

Giveaway ends January 25, 2014.

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