Do you go to Facebook for fun? Do you hang out there with old friends? Well, I was fast becoming a fan of Facebook, getting in touch with friends I hadn’t spoken to for far too long, when I fell foul of a very stupid feature and now I need some serious  destressing.

So far I haven’t received any anguished emails from friends, but who in their right minds would use  an X  in the top right corner of a post to report spam? Especially as failure to close said window then leads to repeated spam reports for the same wretched individuals who are totally innocent!

Don’t the apps people KNOW this is exactly where and how you close something in windows? It is all very well declaring that we should read the TOS and study the site before we use it, but again –  who is THAT geeky???

So today’s Mewse is dedicated to all those poor people who have either reported those they love for “spam or abusive posts” or to those very same people if FB ever acted on the clicks. (Which I doubt, as they don’t even respond to emails…)

Shame on you Facebook – for all the good you do you let something like that through…