I was checking last night to see why one of my squidoo lenses had mysteriously taken off overnight. During the course of this, I checked the archives for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph for the last two weeks. I discovered that a friend I had worked with before going to College had suddenly died last month. Kay Boom died on 29th September.

I guess this happens all the time to people. We had lost touch shortly after I left Grimsby, but none the less I remembered Kay Boom with great affection. She was fun to be with, a good line manager who knew how to get the best out of people and look after them kindly. She was also a talented singer and taught me an awful lot about being happy!

Teenagers are prone to be morose and I was more morose than many – Kay showed me what it was like to be happy with who you are. In the shop, she looked after us younger ones, whether full-time or Saturday staff, particularly myself and Michael Dore who went on to become a professional singer himself. They stayed friends for years and Kay worked with him too.

I remember the laughs and jokes we shared at the shop when the boss – Mr Perdue – was off playing the organ somewhere. Kay taught me you can do a job well without being humourless – a quality a lot of young, ambitious folk would do well to learn!

She will be missed by many and I left my tribute last night. God bless my friend. You really were one in a million!