In the Spring, bored with watching the unchanging picture at Sibelius music and needing serious relief from apathy and boredom, I signed up to Squidoo. Squidoo is a forum with a difference. Founded as a cooperative for on-line publishing, it is a growth area. It is a platform on which you can build your own “lenses” or mini websites. Through hard work, you can build individual and original lenses, follow their rise and fall via stars, favourites and lensrank, and even earn a few cents a month in royalties. Some people even make a viable living, but they are on 24/7 and really know what they are doing sales wise! You can also dedicate any possible royalties from the group advertising pool or affilliate modules to charity – and choose the charity if you like. This Summer, having truly caught the Squidoo bug, I signed up to the Giant programme. A Giant Squid has to create over 50 lenses of high quality to qualify and show themselves to be a team player too. So far I am up to lens 28 – roughly on schedule for September 2009 – and loving the challenge. You can follow my activities here or on Squidoo as I keep friends up to date with my challenge. Meanwhile, here are links to my lenses for anyone interested! (I find I have to leave a comment for them to be active, so I just spammed myself! LOL!)
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