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I know this is SO serious and here I am adding more sad text and no pictures. Perhaps I should upload pictures of my rash or my decaying fingernails? What I can’t upload is the smell when it is bad, the headaches before and after eating or the numbness and stiffness in my left hand. I can’t add the mood swings I had before I discovered snacks (instead of meals, not as well as!) and cinnamon.

As a musician I am not sure what scares me more, the loss of sensation leading to permanent motor impairment, the visual disturbances or the tinnitis which is now slowly but surely affecting my hearing. None of these I ever had before the “impaired fasting glycaemia” – which of course is symptom free, according to the NHS and its apologists. I need and deserve none of this – nobody does…

You know, I read somewhere that the fasting test should be done after an 8-10 hour fast, not the 12 hours I was told by the nurse…. my last test was done after 14 hours actually, it was 6.9 and is no longer kept on my record….

Anyway, the promised appointment with an eye specialist has not materialized, instead I had a reminder for my annual check with the nurse! I would change doctors except that it would probably involve another three years of testing and stonewalling. Yesterday I saw my MP in Tescos, we are well acquainted as I used to be a political rival but we get on – she said I looked well, and I resisted the temptation to say I felt like cr*p. Perhaps I should send her a link to this….

So, the hospital blood tests appear to have been lost or ignored, the optician’s letter also appears to have been ignored, the reminder letter from the practice manager is what we call “defensive medicine” in the UK. My father says “change your doctor before they kill you” but as it is the practice and the rules failing me, not the poor doctor, I can’t even complain to the GMC! I get the feeling that if I make a fuss I will be offered HRT or prozac – or perhaps diazepam – what I need is proper assessment in hospital and metformin. How they can justify ignoring a properly ordered hospital blood test and request one exactly the same two weeks later is beyond belief! I am thinking of refusing unless they also do an A1C – but they won’t, because I am not diabetic!

This is the reality of preventative medicine in the UK. Grim, target ridden, number bound, short termist and financially stupid! However in two months I get to see a neurologist, perhaps that will achieve something….The people making policy do not have the wit to see the tax they could lose if people like me are too ill to work far outweighs the cost of free dental treatment and prescriptions until retirement!

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